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Ironhorse Trailers is the pioneering developer of a completely new breed of Motorcycle Trailers. We manufacture composite based low profile fliptop trailers and tilt-to-load open  motorcycle trailers.  Since 2003 Ironhorse trailers have been known for their made in America quality, innovative aerodynamic design. Our motorcycle trailers have incomparable reliability, durability and unprecedented user friendliness. No other Motorcycle Trailer with full sized high speed tires are this easy to look at and use with the least effect on your gas mileage.

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Widebody motorcycle trailer on tour

Our owners travel far and wide with our Motorcycle Trailers

Factory direct motorcycle trailers

This customized Flip Top Trailer has just been delivered this week to a happy owner.

At Ironhorse we have 2 styles of trailers, enclosed and open trailers. Our trailers are designed for a single motorcycle or multiple motorcycles. Our trailers are available Factory Direct, or can be purchased from one of our Dealers.

In the Enclosed Trailer model range we have the 1 BIKE FLIP TOP TRAILER ,  2 BIKE FLIP TOP TRAILER  and the WIDEBODY TRAILER. The newest models to our lineup are the Open Motorcycle Trailers which include are the  LOAD 1 N GO TRAILER and the LOAD 2 N GO TRAILER.

The 1 Bike Flip Top Trailer

The 1 Bike Flip Top Trailer

This great trailer can haul any single motorcycle with ease.
2 Bike/1 Trike Flip Top Trailer

2 Bike/1 Trike Flip Top Trailer

Towing 2 Cruisers or 1 Trike has never been easier.
WideBody Flip Top  Trailer

WideBody Flip Top Trailer

This trailer will haul any 2 of the biggest bikes side by side.
NEW load n go 1 bike motorcycle trailer

Load 1 ‘N Go Motorcycle Trailer

This flexible trailer accommodates one of anything up to and including one touring bike, golf cart or ATV.
NEw $3200 loadngo 2 bike motorcycle trailer

Load 2 ‘N Go Motorcycle Trailer

The largest open trailer handles anything up to and including two touring bikes, a golf cart or an ATV.

Ironhorse Trailers

Ironhorse motorcycle trailers are designed from the ground up for:


Bikers had the answers, we just had to listen.


Who says you must sacrifice form for function?


Streamlining is the only way to beat wind resistance.

Used Trailers Available

Special Trailers Available


What our Customers say about us

  • We just returned from our southwest trip with our new Ironhorse trailer. I wanted to email you sooner but we were "very busy" on vacation. We put on a little over 4,000 miles and wished to share our experience. First, the trailer handled very well. As you can see, we were pulling it with our minivan and had no problems. On the trip down we encountered very strong and gusty crosswinds all through Illinois. The trailer was seemingly unaffected by the winds. With 2 medium weight bikes in it, hills were easily managed. The trailer brakes were more than sufficient when braking as well. The bikes stayed put in the wheel chocks with two binders(straps) on each bike. Placement of chocks and tie downs were great. Loading and unloading was quick and easy. I really appreciated the inside lights for loading at night. Trailer design was very well thought out, well balanced and obviously designed by bikers. Build quality and finish were very nice as well. A final comment: Your trailer allowed us to bike on some awesome roads (in the winter!) we never would have otherwise been able to do. (I'm too cheap to rent a bike and like to ride my own) .
    Mike and Patti
  • I have enjoyed this trailer more than any trailer I have ever owned and I have had a lot of trailers. I wouldn't part with this trailer for anything and just wanted you to know how much I love this trailer.
    Emerson Rogers
  • Our trailer is great! It's two years old, we've towed it a bunch of miles collecting compliments all along the way, and everything about our Ironhorse is still perfect. Working with Julie and Ed at Ironhorse is a great experience...they are patient and kind, and they listen, help, advise well and make the whole transaction easy for their customers, so not only is the product wonderful but the experience of buying an Ironhorse is too. If you want to talk about owning an Ironhorse, or buying one, call Julie for my phone number and I'll be glad to tell you all about it!
    Brent Landry // TX
  • The trailer, AWESOME! I pull it with a 2007 Trailblazer SS and it tows wonderfully. The bikes fit great inside, lots of room, easy to load and strap down, fit and finish outstanding, I could go on and on. The trailer is gorgeous, couldn't be happier.
    David Klunk
  • These Ironhorse trailers blend functionality with style. I just purchased a 2011 single bike trailer and have to say I am totally pleased with the quality of the trailer, the answers and information Ironhorse staff provided, and the effortless sales transaction. I previously owned a 2000 Excalibur sport & business trailer and this Ironhorse is a whole new breed of quality. Thank you, again!
    Chuck Z // Columbus OH
  • As a proud owner of an IronHorse Trailer since 2006 I just want to let eveyone know what a great quality product it is and what fine people the Heards are! Julie and Ed Heard put their heart and souls into each trailer they build and stand behind their product 100%. If you want the #1 lightweight, "super trick", easy to load and easy to tow motorcycle trailer, with the BEST warranty in the business, you should give them a call!
    John Pontrich // KY
  • I just wanted to let you guys know how much I enjoy the trailer I bought from you last spring. I have made at least 8 / 1500 mile round trips from Ohio to Wisconsin with it this summer and don't know how I would get along without it! It you ever have a customer undecided about buying one feel free to have them contact me.

    I pull with a PT Cruiser (4 cyl) and average 20-24 MPG at 70-75 mph on the freeway...not too bad!
    Gene Greisel
  • WOW what a great trailer. It's a work of art on wheels. Thank You for all your help in choosing the right trailer. You delivered it on time for my vacation as promised. Please thank Julie for her help as well. Your delivery driver was fantastic and very professional. I'm sure it was a challenge to find my address in the middle of the city. People that live around here have trouble finding this place but, he had no problem. I will not hesitate to recommend Iron Horse to everyone.
    Steve Lopez

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    Ironhorse Trailers was founded in 2002 in Lavergne, TN, near Nashville. Our first home was a 4,000 square foot building on a side street. During that time, all our fiberglass parts were supplied by one subcontractor and all our chasses were supplied by another. By 2005, we had discontinued our original fixed top model, replaced it with two new flip top models and outgrown the building. After a two year search, we relocated to a new building about six times the size of our former one, on a four lane highway, and only about seventy miles away.

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