In twelve years of producing and distributing Ironhorse Trailers, we found it difficult to locate dealers that meet our standards for superior customer care and service. Having trailers on hand, keeping them clean and available during regular business hours, knowing how they operate, what they cost and where the keys are seems simple to us, but there are quite a few former dealers that apparently didn’t think so.

Since our dealer network is scant, about 95% of the trailers sold annually are shipped directly from the factory to customers. To take away all risk for customers, here’s our promise! Order a trailer from Ironhorse, and we help you make sure you’re buying the right trailer for your needs. We request a small deposit (about 20%), then we build and deliver your trailer. When it arrives, “kick the tires”—hook up to a tow vehicle, load bike(s), drive around the block or down the freeway, unload the bike(s), move it by hand, and test it in any other way you want. If the Ironhorse we deliver to you isn’t everything you expected, and then some, we’ll write you a check for your deposit on the spot, and bring it back to the grief, no hassle, no charge!

Of course, it works the same way if you choose to come to our factory to pick your trailer up.

Ironhorse Trailers sells factory direct !

Call us today for more information +1-888-793-6184 (USA only), or +1-931-668-8860

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